Summer is coming

blogimgFor most, winter is a time to hibernate from the cold. We become regular homebodies, reluctant to socialize, dress up, and go out. Gym is more of an effort; healthy foods are replaced with comforting options; and, as we begin to spread and bulge, bulky jackets and loosely hung sweaters are the perfect cover up.

Now with summer around the corner, we begin to panic, realising the clothes we wore last year might not fit, and, even worse, we will no longer be able to hide the evidence left behind from our seasonal indulgences. We need help and we need it fast…

This is where Thari Health comes to the rescue with its specially designed medical weight loss programmes and non-invasive fat reduction and body shaping equipment that work together to give you back your body – and, in fact, work towards giving you the body you have always wanted.  What’s more, not only will you look great, but you will also feel significantly healthier, re-energised and, above all else, confident.

With a hands-on general practitioner providing guidance and support throughout your weight loss journey, you will have all the motivation necessary to reach your goals.

Furthermore, the award-winning. BTL Vanquish ME machine can be used for the successful reduction of stubborn fat around the midsection, love handles, under arms and thighs. These treatments can be combined with BTL Lymphastim – a mechanical lymph drainage system that promotes the effective drainage of fats and toxins from the body for improved benefit.
Now, frankly speaking, our weight is not the only area demanding attention. As many an aesthetician will tell you, winter is a time of neglect. Regular treatment sessions dwindle and with the added beating from the harsh winter elements, our skin is in desperate need of radiance and renewal.

And again, Thari Health does not disappoint.  After an in-depth consultation, Dr Masemola is able to tailor the most effective treatment package for your individual skin requirements and concerns. From cosmeceutical treatments, chemical peels and microneedling to advanced injectable techniques, the skin can speedily be rejuvenated and repaired, with any specific skin conditions being addressed with effective therapies and innovative after care treatments.

What is even better is that since most of the treatments are non-invasive, no one will know what you did last winter. So, come in for a consultation and let us help you put the spring back in your step!