BTL Vanquish ME

This groundbreaking “no contact” fat burning procedure offers targeted fat reduction of the midriff and love handles (or thigh area) without the need for surgery. It uses concentrated thermal energy and is designed to treat the whole abdomen from flank to flank in one session, provides natural-looking results across the entire abdominal and core area in four to six short treatment sessions. Scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals have shown that this patented technology to safely induce death of fat cells via apoptosis for highly effective results. The treatment is comfortable with no pain or downtime.

BTL Lymphastim

BTL Lymphastim promotes lymph drainage and detoxification, treating concerns such as cellulite and heavy legs. It can also be use to relax muscles, for massage purposes, and is beneficial in combination with the Vanquish treatments for the accelerated clearance of fat. Combination packages of Vanquish and Lymphastim are available.

Slender Wonder Medical Weight Loss Programme

This is not a weight loss programme based on kilojoules, but, rather a formula based on a low GI eating plan, Slender Wonder products (shake and supplements), as well as a series of injections that helps to improve the body’s Leptin sensitivity.

Depending on the patient’s starting weight, most individuals lose up to 4 – 7 kg’s in the first month. Once you reach the maintenance phase, your Leptin sensitivity will have been restored and this will help you to maintain your new weight, provided you continue to follow a healthy lifestyle.



  1. Hi Doc

    I would like to get more information and pricing on your weight-loss services please? Then I can set up an appointment to see you if the budget can accommodate.

    Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hello,
      Please call 0117926041 for prices. The program we are using currently is Slender Wonder. There is a metabolism stimulating hormone along with an eating plan
      and supplements. Price includes all the material you need to get you started (shake, supplements, the hormone and booster shots). This is paid monthly.

      We also have treatments that involve injections into parts of the body to dissolve fat directly. So the best thing is to come in and have a consultation to see what is best suitable for you. This consultation is R500, and that amount will be taken off whichever treatment you opt for.

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