Targeted fat reduction – effective and pain-free results

blogAre you frustrated with stubborn, unsightly fat that just won’t budge? Dreading summer where you will have to unveil the extra bumps and bulges hidden under layers of winter wear? This is where leading medical health practice in Gauteng, Thari Health, can help – offering groundbreaking weight loss technologies and programmes, which include BTL Vanquish ME non-invasive fat reduction procedure and BTL Lymphastim lymph drainage and detoxification.

Voted as the Best Energy-Based Body Shaping Device for 2015 by the Aesthetic Industry Awards, and endorsed by various celebrities, BTL Vanquish ME is a revolutionary, “no contact” procedure that targets fat reduction of the midriff and love handles (or thigh area) without the need for surgery. With the largest spot size in the industry, Vanquish treats a large surface area, from flank to flank, during one single treatment – unlike other body contouring devices that can only focus on one area at a time. This means safer, more natural and quicker results with no pain and minimal down time following treatments. The device uses concentrated and homogenous distribution of thermal energy, through a contactless panel array to induce and maintain even heating of the fat tissue. Once the fat cells reach and maintain therapeutic temperature, they become “apoptotic” which results in fat cell death. The damaged cells are then slowly and naturally cleared out of the body by your immune system.

As a safe, affordable and pain-free treatment option, with a series of four to six brief sessions (40 minutes per session), BTL Vanquish ME helps restore confidence in women – and men – who struggle with losing lingering fat despite healthy and active lifestyles.

In a similar pioneering vein, the BTL Lymphastim system promotes lymph drainage and detoxification, treating concerns such as cellulite and heavy legs. It can also be used to relax muscles, for massage purposes, and is beneficial in combination with the Vanquish treatments for the accelerated clearance of fat.

BTL Lymphastim has special applicator trousers with overlapping chambers that provide a gentle massage to encourage the natural circulation of lymph through the body. The overlapping chambers result in more precise and efficient therapy. This system is also a completely painless, non-invasive and effective treatment for a variety of conditions including weight loss, accelerated healing and body regeneration, and detoxification amongst others.

Thari Health provides combination packages of both BTL Vanquish and Lymphastim systems, as part of its commitment to offer personalised and targeted aesthetic treatments to all its patients.

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